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Why should you need computer repair?

 Computers have become an essential part of our lives, from work to entertainment, communication, and education. However, like any other electronic device, they are prone to technical problems and require repair from time to time. In this article, we will discuss computer repair, including its importance, common issues, and how to find a reliable repair service.

Importance of Computer Repair

Computer repair is essential for several reasons. First, it helps to diagnose and fix issues that can lead to data loss, slow performance, and system crashes. Additionally, repairing your computer can extend its lifespan, enabling you to use it for longer without the need for replacement. Finally, computer repair can save you money in the long run by preventing the need for costly repairs or the purchase of a new device.

Common Computer Issues

There are several common computer issues that require repair, including:

  1. Slow Performance: Your computer may become sluggish over time, taking longer to load programs and files. This can be caused by malware, insufficient RAM, or outdated hardware.

  2. Virus and Malware: Malware can cause severe damage to your computer, including data loss, slow performance, and system crashes.

  3. Hardware Issues: Hardware issues such as a failing hard drive or overheating can cause system crashes, data loss, and other problems.

  4. Blue Screen of Death: This is a critical error that can occur when there is a problem with your system's hardware or software. It usually results in the computer shutting down and displaying a blue screen with an error message.

Finding a Reliable Computer Repair Service

When your computer has issues, it's essential to find a reliable repair service to fix the problem. Here are some tips on how to find a reliable computer repair service:

  1. Look for a certified technician: Find a repair service that employs certified technicians who have the necessary skills and experience to diagnose and fix computer issues.

  2. Check for reviews: Check online reviews and ask for recommendations from friends and family to find a reputable repair service.

  3. Get a quote: Ask for a quote before committing to a repair service to ensure that you understand the costs involved.

  4. Warranty: Choose a repair service that offers a warranty on their work to ensure that you are covered in case of future issues.

  5. Onsite or Remote: Decide whether you prefer an onsite or remote repair service, depending on your preference and the nature of the problem.


In conclusion, computer repair is an essential service that can help to diagnose and fix issues with your computer. By understanding common computer issues, you can be better prepared to identify and address any problems that arise. When seeking a repair service, make sure to find a reliable and reputable technician who can provide the necessary skills and experience to fix the issue, and ensure that they offer a warranty on their work. With the right repair service, you can extend the life of your computer and continue to enjoy its benefits for years to come

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 I am graduating with my bachelor's in computer information systems in 2 weeks. It's been difficult getting my schoolwork done recently. However, it's been really nice finally getting my degree done. As of right now, I have 9 essays due. The big time crunch is here, and I'm ready to finally start my career.

Monday, February 21, 2022

Old PCs

 I've always been fascinated with computers.  Not only for its use but its cultural and developmental significance for mankind. The internet has developed to be a large network full of crap. That and some legitimate pieces of information.  I like to think about older technology and how it was intended to be used. Before the smartphone.

I've been trying to get into PC repair to hone my skills. Unfortunately, it could cost a lot to make that happen. I have been trying to find places to actually get old computers to fix up but a lot of tech trash places don't really have free stuff. Craigslist has also been unfruitful. 

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Repairing Hp omen 15-dc1058wm (keyboard replacement)

 To start out take off the back of the laptop. 

There are 6 screws on the back of the case.  2 Long screws near the ports and 4 smaller screws around the perimeter. 

(put picture of back of computer here)

After the back is unscrewed you will need to wedge the cover off. This can be done by using a thin flat-head screwdriver to gently get underneath the seem. Something else that might work would be a plastic tool designed to do this job which is much less likely to scratch anything. If you just want your computer to work and don't have the tool at hand then screwdriver it is. Go around the edge and gently lift until the area being worked comes up a bit and repeat around the whole case.

(picture of prying off the back)

Now you have the back off and are ready to begin removing components. Firstly remove the Battery. There are 4 screws at the top of the battery. After removing the screws lift the battery up from the connector until it disconnects. Now you are able to begin removing electronic components.


Now remove the speakers. They each have 1 screw holding them on. They are on the bottom left and right of the case. The right speaker has a wire and connecter that must be removed

(Picture of wire on)

(Picture of wire off)

Now be sure to undo all visible connectors. If any are covered by components LEAVE THME ALONE. It will be done later on. Some will have small levers to lift up before removing the ribbon cables. 

(Picture of whole computer pointing at what to disconnect)

 Next is the SD card slot. This is at the blue component at the bottom right. It can be disconnected with 3 wide screws. 

‐------------incomplete / in progress---------


Another AI based Thing

 This time it's a whole program developed by me in conjunction with ChatGPT For python file -

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