Sunday, February 13, 2022

Repairing Hp omen 15-dc1058wm (keyboard replacement)

 To start out take off the back of the laptop. 

There are 6 screws on the back of the case.  2 Long screws near the ports and 4 smaller screws around the perimeter. 

(put picture of back of computer here)

After the back is unscrewed you will need to wedge the cover off. This can be done by using a thin flat-head screwdriver to gently get underneath the seem. Something else that might work would be a plastic tool designed to do this job which is much less likely to scratch anything. If you just want your computer to work and don't have the tool at hand then screwdriver it is. Go around the edge and gently lift until the area being worked comes up a bit and repeat around the whole case.

(picture of prying off the back)

Now you have the back off and are ready to begin removing components. Firstly remove the Battery. There are 4 screws at the top of the battery. After removing the screws lift the battery up from the connector until it disconnects. Now you are able to begin removing electronic components.


Now remove the speakers. They each have 1 screw holding them on. They are on the bottom left and right of the case. The right speaker has a wire and connecter that must be removed

(Picture of wire on)

(Picture of wire off)

Now be sure to undo all visible connectors. If any are covered by components LEAVE THME ALONE. It will be done later on. Some will have small levers to lift up before removing the ribbon cables. 

(Picture of whole computer pointing at what to disconnect)

 Next is the SD card slot. This is at the blue component at the bottom right. It can be disconnected with 3 wide screws. 

‐------------incomplete / in progress---------

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